We offer a full range of animal feeds to suit your requirements.

Calf Feed

Calf Sweetmix, 20% high protein, 16% earlywean

Dairy Feed

High Energy Dairy Nuts and Meal

Stock Feed

Multifeed Nuts

Pig Feed

Pig Feed Nuts, Pig Grower Nuts and Pig Grower Meal

Poultry Feed

Chick Crumbles, Hi-Lay Pellets, Hi-Lay Mash and Meatbird Crumbles.

Pheasant Feed

Pheasant Breeder, Pheasant Starter, Pheasant Grower

Rabbit Feed

Rabbit Pellets

Horse Feed

Horse & Pony Pellets and Nuts, Racehorse Pellets

Specialist Feed

Custom Tailored Feeds

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