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Where do you sell your Sharpes Stockfeed products?

We sell our products throughout most rural stores in the lower north island so please contact your local merchant. Or you may email us with where you live & which local rural store you use & we will ensure you are looked after well!

Does Sharpes Stockfeed calf feeds contain Palm Kernel?

No, our calf feeds do not contain Palm Kernel. We have no Palm Kernel in any of our feeds and don’t have any Palm Kernel in our factory. We only use the best raw materials for our products.

What size bags do you sell your feed in?

We sell all our products in 25kg and 10kg bags.  We can also supply in 1 tonne or 1/2 bags.

Do your Rabbit pellets contain a coccidiostat?
Yes our Rabbit pellets do contain a coccidiostat to protect the rabbits from coccidiosis.

Do you deliver your products yourself?

We use local transport companies to deliver our products to stores & onto farm. However we do have our own bulk truck & trailer unit to deliver our bulk feeds.

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